How to set up a budget for college expenses

In this article we’ll focus on some basic steps you can take to set up your college budget. This article will not focus on debt repayment. That is a different topic for another day. We’ll break our article up into the following areas: Expected income...

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Five reasons to avoid debt in college

While there are a number of good reasons to take out a loan for college, there are also many poor reasons. Because college loans often take decades to repay, you should generally avoid going into debt for classes which don't count: toward a degree, for a...

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When college debt is worth it

Is borrowing money to attend college worth it? My answer? It depends. You should think about many factors when you make this decision, such as: whether borrowing money is necessary, whether your loans will be repaid by an employer, how soon your loans can...

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3 steps to graduate debt free from college

It saddens me that so many college students today take on such large amounts of debt. Students graduating from college are now walking away with more debt than ever - over $30,000 on average. CNN has an emotional and poignant short video about the reality...

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