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Starting the year off strong

"Back-to-school"--this time of year can be simultaneously exciting and terrifying! Whether you’re a new student, a seasoned senior, or a professor, this time of year holds the promise of a fresh start and new opportunities, like diving into a new subject and forming...

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How do I read & understand a syllabus?

Have you ever bought a new gadget or piece of technology and found that it wasn’t easy to use out of the box? If you’ve ever been in that scenario chances are you turned to that handy tool well known to the experienced buyer, the instruction manual, to figure out how...

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How to use LinkedIn as a college student

This article will focus on whom to follow and connect with on LinkedIn while you're in college. The little bit of energy that you put into this action can reap tremendous benefits in the long run. So, let's look at whom you should be following: Recruiters...

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Five things to do to succeed in college classes

If you encountered this question on a test, how would you answer? On a scale of 1 to 5, how difficult is college? (easy) (somewhat easy) (somewhat difficult) (very difficult) (impossible) If your answer is either a one or five, you’re probably wrong. For...

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Five things homeschoolers need to know about college

According to a report published in 2016 by the National Center for Education Statistics, homeschooling has been steadily growing in the United States. This report also shows that homeschoolers come from very diverse backgrounds--regionally, educationally,...

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How to survive your first week of college

My first week of college--once a blur, now a distant memory. Since then, however, I’ve watched hundreds of students successfully navigate this bewildering week. A week that involves not only moving away from home, but also encountering new authorities,...

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What should I bring to college?

In the days before moving into a college dormitory, many soon-to-be freshmen go on a shopping spree, buying necessities for life at college, such as a textbooks, a computer, a backpack, and enough coffee to make it through the first semester. Although...

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5 tips for making new friends in college

I walked onto the campus of my alma mater in the Fall of 2006. I (slightly) knew a grand total of one person. I was socially backward, painfully shy and generally opposed to group activities. A recipe for disaster? It had all the earmarks… What I didn’t...

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