About BetterCollegeStudent.com

This website was started by a group of people with various backgrounds and skills who met to discuss issues in higher education.

We began to realize there is so much information regarding choosing a college, getting to the college and then experiencing college once you arrive. The problem we found was that it is spread all over the place (online, catalogs, books, etc) and was very hard to know where to turn.

When you don’t have much experience in dealing with a subject this important and expansive it can be quite daunting and overwhelming.

Everyone is looking for answers. What are my options, which one of those options are good for me and who can I trust?

The decision was made to build a place where we could help high school seniors, parents and college students uncover the whole college experience spectrum. We try our best to be unbiased in our approach (we are not trying to get you to attend any specific type of college) and to be a resource to help you become a ‘better college student’.

Our authors work in different fields, including at different colleges. They also have degrees from different colleges. In order not to promote authors’ individual colleges and universities, we don’t list any college names in authors’ biographies. We also don’t list or link to college or university names in articles (unless it’s for a specific example to help provide clarity) in order to avoid any favoritism.

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